As we come around the sun back into the Summertime months,  we will have more updates as projects come into view…

Currently we are in the process of improving the work spaces up at the mine. New LED lighting has been put in place, and plans are to expand the workable area to include more workshop space for friends and guests. New tables, and an improved wood shop are in the mix. There is a good possibility that we may be getting some concrete flooring, so that is an exciting bonus. If you can get involved or help out in any way, please let us know!

Other summer projects include working on our outdoor space, redirecting some drainage, adding more windows and shop doors, and cleaning up some of the exterior entrances. It is a constant battle with the dynamic nature of the rock and the elements. Spring cleaning is done and went well. One of the main bays is currently being re-framed and reinforced for drainage. This opens up a big part of the shop for more space, as well as adding much needed drainage and better sealing up for the winter months.

Classes and Clinics – Keep posted, we will try to get a regular schedule going as we get more towards the end of the summer season.